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Bella Finito

Bella Finito, nail gel in a bottle, is part of our product range. Bella Finito means 'Beautiful Finish'.

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Gel Nail Products

Bella Forma Bellissima nail gel products enhance beauty and provides long-lasting protection far superior to traditional nail varnishes. Bellissima gel is available in a range of colours and is elegant and hard-wearing - it does not scratch, wrinkle or discolour in normal use.

Bellissima Gel of Bella Forma Gel has been formulated to be similar to the best systems on the market, but improved upon, based on customer and salon feedback over 20 years. Bellissima International have created a gel that overcomes all the weaknesses of other nail gels.

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Feedback comments from clients

Dear Bellissima Gel, I am ridiculously happy with my NEW BELLA FINITO!!! ... Unbelievably easy to use, excellent coverage even at the first coat stage, the colours just zing and pop and I can't wait to pounce on any set of nails that come my way! I never thought I'd find another gel as delightful to use as Bella Forma, but I was wrong! Seriously, well done!" ~ Tokozile Robbins

"I can tell you for quite a while I was spending a fortune trying all the gels on the market and I cannot believe that one gel product can feel so strong but light on the nails, and SOAK OFF!!!" ~ Trudy Britton of Bristol

"It is a thinner consistency than my current gel and is easier to work with." ~ Lesley of Motherwell

"No yellowing at all!!! Even though I was naughty and didn't change my top coat all holiday, massive WOW, ordering the coloured gels today" ~ Marion of Leeds

"I have just done a Full French and just love the consistency and the pink. It's a big thumbs up from me" ~ Karen Sharpe.

All feedback is welcome.

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Gel Nail Training Courses

Professional beauty treatment training in Gel Skills, Pedicure, Manicure, Nail Extensions, Gel Toes with Glitter, Sculpture, Working Colour and Nail Art.

Our courses are available all over the UK - in Belfast, Dundee, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Harrogate, Derby, Midlands, Birmingham, Watford, Central London, South Wales and other locations.

New! Additional training locations and dates have been added recently.

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Benefits of Bellissima Nail Gel

Closeup fingernails with Bellissima Nail Gel Treatment
  • No yellowing from sunlight to clear and other gels
  • No lifting
  • Self-levelling and easy to work with
  • Soaks off in ten minutes
  • 4 week maintenance
  • Colour gel does not wrinkle
  • No primers needed
  • Seasonal colour ranges, new colours all year round
  • More chemically resistant
  • Full support products
  • No expensive starter kits needed
  • Elegant packaging
  • No training needed for fully qualified nail technicians, although courses are available if required.