Bella Forma Nail Glitters

All of our glitters can be dipped, dabbed, mixed together, sprinkled over or mixed into any of our coloured or clear gels. The sheer and over everything glitters will change the colour of our coloured gels as they have so many different reflective colours within them and the resulting colour will depend on the base gel colour. The dense glitters can be used to downshade an infill. Taking a darker colour to light without a soak off can be achieved as the glitters are so dense they will create full coverage even over the very darkest of our gel colours.

Beautiful Bellissima

Glitter Ball Silver

Glitter Ball Silver

Mermaid Green glitter

Mermaid Green

Lady in Red glitter

Lady In Red

Love Pink glitter

Love Pink

Marion\'s Gold glitter

Marion's Gold

Miami Mystery glitter

Miami Mystery

Over Everything 02 glitter

Over Everything 02

Vegas Flare

Vegas Flare

Wow Yellow glitter

Wow Yellow

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Each jar contains 10g of nail glitter.

bb-32w.png BEAUTIFUL BELLISSIMA £8.00  (€ 9.60)
silver-32w.png GLITTER BALL SILVER £8.00  (€ 9.60) Sorry! Out of stock.
10g1.png LADY IN RED £8.00  (€ 9.60)
lp-32w.png LOVE PINK £8.00  (€ 9.60)
mg-32w.png MARIONS GOLD £8.00  (€ 9.60) Sorry! Out of stock.
gem-32w.png MERMAID GREEN £8.00  (€ 9.60)
mm-32w.png MIAMI MYSTERY £8.00  (€ 9.60)
oeo2-32w.png OVER EVERYTHING 02 £8.00  (€ 9.60)
vf-32w.png VEGAS FLARE £8.00  (€ 9.60)
wow-32.png WOW YELLOW £8.00  (€ 9.60)

Prices are charged in British pounds sterling; equivalents in euro (€) are approximate.