Gel Nail Training for Schools, Colleges, and Academies

The meaning of training

We offer flexible arrangements for gel nail training - arrangements that we think are sure to meet your needs. But if you have additional needs, don't hesitate to ask. We pride ourselves on being fast and flexible, ever-ready to adapt to changing requirements in the provision of gel nail training.


OPTION 1 - We attend your venue & train your team, 50% off normal price

We train you to train your students. It is very important to us at Bellissima that all of our teachers are trained to the highest standard and teach in the 'Bellissima way', using Bellissima methods. We have therefore found when taking on new colleges refresher training is always required.

We have a range of courses to suit all levels and we offer this training at 50% off to fellow teachers. Although the course fees are reduced we still include the original training kit values. Our team of educators operate 7 day weeks, so course dates can be selected to suit your timetables.

Please contact head office for more details 08458 622 766 /


OPTION 2 - You attend one of our standard courses, but with 25% off normal price

With this option, we train you to train your students. This is the best option for smaller schools and standalone teachers. We have preset courses running all year round in over 25 locations; please see our UK Courses page.

Should you wish to attend one or more of these courses please contact the office to arrange your 25% teacher's discount 08458 622 766 /


OPTION 3 - Book one of our educators on a day rate to train your students for you

We understand how busy your timetables can get during term time, therefore if you do not have the time / resources to teach certain classes to your students, we would be delighted to lend a hand.

It is possible to hire one or more of our education team members to teach our courses within your venue. Prices start from £150 per day and there are eight courses to choose from.

Please contact head office for more details 08458 622 766 /


OPTION 4 - Advertise our courses to your students on a profit share scheme

We have eight courses available, ranging from Manicure and Pedicure right up to Working Colour with Nail Art. When working alongside a school we ensure the students get a reduced course price and the school makes a profit from the course.

As there are so many variables to this scheme we would suggest you contact Emma Beauchamp to discuss your specific requirements 08458 622 766 /