Gel Nail Training Courses

Bellissima Gel is running gel nail training events in various locations this year. To see details, please click on the venue most convenient for you:

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The gel nail training courses we offer are listed below:

Manicure and/or Pedicure Courses

It is a legal requirement that attendees of the courses below hold a valid manicure and/or pedicure qualification. Manicure and pedicure qualifications can be gained either through Bellissima Gel, your local college or through your previous education system.

Knowing how to give a really good manicure is the basis for a tech to work their way up to the top position in any salon. You will learn to carry out the treatments perfectly but you will also learn why they are important and the anatomy and physiology of the nails.

Gel Skills Courses

This gel skills course is for those new to gel nails or for those that have lost their confidence after a break away from nails, maybe to have a baby or a change in careers. It is the same as the conversion course but the demos are longer and there is more time to practise and ask questions.

Gel skills will teach you to apply Bellissima Gel as natural gel overlays, French overlays and coloured overlays. It will also teach you to do infills and soak offs. Once you have completed this course we suggest you attend our Nail Extensions and/or our Sculpture course(s).

Gel Toes Courses

You may be thinking: 'If I can do gel nails why would I need to learn to gel toes, aren't they the same?' But Gel Toes is a valuable course to attend. It will teach you how to build the gel on a problem nail. Problem nails are more common on feet, as people's feet tend to get bashed about a lot more than their hands do.

It will also teach you how to work with our fabulous glitter range, which you can then apply to finger nails too. You can charge an extra £3-£6 per set for the use of glitter which means one 10g pot of glitter can make you an extra £165-£330 profit, without taking any extra time to complete the treatment.

Working Colour Workshop

The working colour workshop is a wonderful way of introducing new options to your clients. Not all nail art is loud and in your face; some is very beautiful and can match all of the outfits worn between infills. Working colour is all about freedom of expression and learning new very easy skills that produce very impressive looking nails.

By offering 'nail art' or 'colour work' you can increase your profits. During the workshop you will start to create your board. This is a selection of your work and your skills. It is for displaying very proudly wherever you do your nails (mobile techs may wish to have a small portable board). It will show your clients how skilled you are. Even if they only want French, they will know you are capable of so much more and will recommend you to their friends.

Nail Art Courses

The nail art course can be taught in two different ways, either as a 7 hour class, which will cover 5 hours of working colour and 2 hours of nail art, priced at £179 or as a 2 hour course (usually on the end of a working colour workshop) priced at £59.

As explained before, working colour is all about working coloured gels to make amazing effects and patterns. Nail art is about incorporating gems, stones, decals, 3D stickers, nail art paints and much more, over the top of plain or patterned gelled nails.

Conversion Courses

The conversion course is for people who have worked with a gel or acrylic for a long time and are happy with the standard of nails they produce. This course will teach you to do nails the Bellissima way and how to get the very best out of our range.

The conversion course will teach you to apply Bellissima Gel as natural gel overlays, French overlays and coloured overlays. It will also teach you to do infills and soak offs. Once you have completed this course we suggest you attend our Nail Extensions and/or our Sculpture course(s).

Nail Extensions Courses

The nail extensions course will teach you how to apply tips to natural nails in a safe and easy manner. It will also teach you how to blend the tips so no lines are visible when applying a light colour or clear gel.

Like with all of our courses, the more knowledge you have, the more services you can offer your customers, the more money you can make. Long nails are big right now, either natural style or stiletto, by learning to add extensions you can increase the price of your treatments and in turn increase your profits.

Sculpture Courses

There is high demand for natural beauty these days and some customers do not like having tips and resin on their nails. Luckily we have a solution! The sculpture course will teach you how to create nails by using only gel. This is a wonderfully quick way of creating a full set or a random repaired nail out of gel.

The gel is often stronger than a plastic tip and is viewed by most as the more natural version of extensions. It is also far easier to sculpt a large thumb nail than try to find a large tip to fit it perfectly.

Bookings made are non-refundable, as we still incur wages and venue costs. However, fully-paid bookings are transferable to another training event once; in the event of a second cancellation the balance will not be refunded or transferable to a third date. All changes and amendments must be made at least 72 hours (3 days) before the start time of the first course. Deposits paid and no-shows will not be refunded or transferred.

If you prefer, you can book a private training event; your closest educator can travel to you or you can go to them. You can also choose the date that suits you best. Travel expenses may apply. Contact the team for full details and your individual quote, with specially designed kits: