The Bella Forma range from Bellissima is now available to buy online or offline:

Prices are charged in British pounds sterling; equivalents in euro (€) are approximate.

Bella Finito Basic Kit

From only £53.78  (€ 64.54)

The Basic Kit contains: 15ml Base coat, 15ml Top coat, 60ml Nail wipe, 60ml Soak away, 1/2oz Cuticle oil, 5x files, 1x double-sided buffer - RRP GBP 59.75. Web Price: GBP 53.78. That's 10% off!

Mini Kit

From only £63.00  (€ 75.60)

This mini-kit includes: 7g Clear Gel, 7g Coloured Gel, 2 x 10g pots of Glitter, 60ml / 2oz Nail Wipe, and 60ml / 2oz Soak Away.

Sample Kit

From only £21.00  (€ 25.20)

This kit includes 3g Clear gel, 3g Gareys Smile gel, and 60ml / 2oz bottle of Bella Forma Nail Wipe. Free postage throughout UK and Europe. Limited to one kit per person.

Starter Kit

From only £95.00  (€ 114.00)

This kit includes: 7g Clear gel, 7g White gel, 7g French Pink gel, 240ml / 8oz Nail Wipe, 240ml / 8oz Soak Away, High Gloss Top Coat, Cuticle Oil, #4 Flat Brush, #4 Filbert Brush, #6 Filbert Brush, and 5 Files.

Super Kit

From only £141.00  (€ 169.20)

This super kit includes: 7g Clear Gel, 7g Gareys Smile gel, 7g French Pink, 7g Coloured Gel, 4 x 10g Glitters, 240ml / 8oz Nail Wipe, 240ml / 8oz Soak Away, Vanilla Gelato Cuticle Oil, and High Gloss Top Coat.

Training Kit / Play Kit

From only £34.00  (€ 40.80)

This training kit includes: 3g Clear Gel, 3g Gareys Smile gel, #4 Filbert Brush, 60ml / 2oz Nail Wipe, 3 Files and a Large Buffer.

Trial Kit

From only £73.00  (€ 87.60)

This trial kit includes: 7g Clear gel, 7g Gareys Smile gel, 60ml / 2oz Nail Wipe, 60ml / 2oz Soak Away, #4 Filbert Brush, #4 Flat Brush, High Gloss Top Coat, and 3 Files.