Training Courses

Bellissima Gel UK provdes an extensive range of small-group, college and class training sessions throughout the UK and beyond.

Level 1 training,

Manicure and Bottled Gel courses – 10am-5pm – Full course info – £95 (down from £213 in 2017)

Beginner level – Manicure course, Bottled Gel course and 5 x Bellissima Baby Bell Coloured Gels (5 x 10ml gels) = £213 RRP – SPECIAL PRICE JUST £95 – No model needed

This course includes – 1 full day of education – 10am – 5pm – Please arrive at 9.45am – 5 x 10ml bottles of Bellissima Baby Bell coloured gels – 2 certificates accredited with ABT – Discounted insurance for the first year if the students wish – All products provided by us on a day lone basis – Discount products available to purchase on the day if the students wish, up to 50% off

You will learn,

Health and safety, Professional Ethics, Product Preparation, Retail and Advertising, Client After Care, Client consultation, Contra indications, Contra Actions, Anatomy & Physiology, Anatomy of the hand, Bone, Anatomy of the hand, Muscles, Nail Preparation, Dry Manicure, Correct prep, Clear gel overlay, French overlay, Colour overlay, Infils – when the client returns after 3 or 4 weeks to have their nails done again, Soak offs – the removal of the gel nails, Mixing colours – to make you extra money, How to grow your business, How and why to photograph nails, How to talk to customers

You do not need to bring anything with you on the day, just food and drink for lunchtime if you wish

Completed in most areas each month.

Deposit to book just £45 for the full day

Level 2 training,

Extension and Sculpture Course – 10am-4pm (you must complete L1 first)

Course RRP £289 – down to just £189 saving £100 and still get a kit worth £106 included for free

This course includes – 1 full day of education – 10am – 4pm – Please arrive at 9.45am – A free kit worth £106 – 2 certificates accredited with ABT – Discounted insurance for the first year if the students wish – All products provided by us on a day lone basis – Discount products available to purchase on the day if the students wish, up to 50% off

You will learn,

How to extend with tips and resin, how to extend with just pot gel, how to work with extra strong pot gel etc

Extension course –

The nail extensions course will teach you how to apply tips to natural nails in a safe and easy manner. It will also teach you how to blend the tips so no lines are visible when applying a light colour or clear gel.

Like with all of our courses, the more knowledge you have, the more services you can offer your customers, the more money you can make. Long nails are big right now, either natural style or stiletto, by learning to add extensions you can increase the price of your treatments and in turn increase your profits.

If a client breaks a nail, being able to extend the broken one is much much better than cutting the other 9 down to match.

Sculpting course –

There is high demand for natural beauty these days and some customers do not like having tips and resin on their nails. Luckily we have a solution! The sculpture course will teach you how to create nails by using only gel. This is a wonderfully quick way of creating a full set or a random repaired nail out of just pot gel.

The gel is often stronger than a plastic tip and is viewed by most as the more natural version of extensions. It is also far easier to sculpt a large thumb nail than try to find a large tip to fit it perfectly.

You will need to bring a live model with you to work on 10am-5pm

Completed in most areas each month.

Deposit to book just £55 for the full day

Level 3 training,

Nail Art – £75pp – 10am-3pm (you must complete L1 first)

Comes with 4 Baby Bell 10ml coloured gels of your choice, please message the 4 gels numbers over that you want in plenty of time, if not we will pick for you from our stunning collection

You do NOT need a model for this course, as you will be working on sticks to take home and show your clients

The working colour workshop is a wonderful way of introducing new options to your clients. Not all nail art is loud and in your face; some is very beautiful and can match all of the outfits worn between infills. Working colour is all about freedom of expression and learning new very easy skills that produce very impressive looking nails.

By offering ‘nail art’ or ‘colour work’ you can increase your profits. During the workshop you will start to create your board. This is a selection of your work and your skills. It is for displaying very proudly wherever you do your nails (mobile techs may wish to have a small portable board). It will show your clients how skilled you are. Even if they only want French, they will know you are capable of so much more and will recommend you to their friends.

Completed in most areas in August and December.

Deposit to book just £35 for the full day

Level 4 training,

Pedicure and Bottled Gel – £45 – Usually 4pm-5pm after Level 2 training (you must complete L1 first)

4pm-5pm – Learn to work on toes to increase your income it is great money working on feet as the toe nails grow slower than finger nails. Once completed send your Pedicure certificate to your insurance company and start charging £20/£30 for 20 min’s work!

Completed in most areas in Early Spring and all Summer.

Deposit to book just £20 for the full course



The Gel Skills course – In college training only (students must already hold their Manicure cert to complete this course)

This gel skills course is for those new to gel nails or for those that have lost their confidence after a break away from nails, maybe to have a baby or a change in careers. The demos are long, clear and with plenty of explanations. There is lots of time to practise and ask questions.

Gel skills will teach you to apply Bellissima’s Gel’s as natural gel overlays, French overlays and coloured overlays. It will also teach you to do infills and soak offs. It will also teach you to work with both pot and bottle ranges. Once you have completed this course we suggest you attend our Nail Extensions and/or our Sculpture course(s).

General course info and T’s & C’s for 2016/2017,

Bookings made are non-refundable and none-transferable, as we still incur wages and venue costs – both deposits and fully paid course fees.

Block booking deposits paid are transferable to another training event/date once; in the event of a second cancellation or alteration the deposit will not be refunded or transferable to a third date. All changes and amendments must be made at least 72 hours (Mon-Fri 10am-5pm) before the start time of the first course.

No-shows will not be refunded or transferred.

On fully booked courses cancelations less then 72 hours before (places that remain unfilled due to short notice) deposits will be none refundable under all circumstances.

Deposits are not transferable to a different year under any circumstances.