Beginners courses

Training courses in 2018


LEVEL 1 – Manicure and Bottled Gel – £95pp – Beginner level – 10am-5pm, please arrive 9.45am

Comes with 5 Baby Bell gels included for free worth £65

Course RRP £213 – SPECIAL PRICE JUST £95 (55% off RRP) saving £118

You do not need a model to complete this course, you must arrive with naked nails though.

Deposit to book £45, leaving £50 to pay on the day in cash or up to the day before on card


You must complete level 1 first then all other levels can be completed in any order (Or Facebook us your Manicure & Gel certificate if you already have them from us or another educator)


LEVEL 2 – Extension and Sculpture Course £195pp – 10am-3pm

Comes with a kit worth £106 included for free

Course RRP £289 – SPECIAL PRICE JUST £195 (33% off RRP) saving £94

You will need to bring a live model with you to work on

Deposit to book just £55, leaving £140 to pay on the day in cash or up to the day before on card


LEVEL 3 – Nail Art – £75pp – 10am-3pm

Comes with 4 Baby Bell coloured gels included for free

You do NOT need a model for this course as you work on nail sticks that you can take home

Please message the 4 gels numbers over that you want in plenty of time, if not we will pick for you

Deposit to book just £35, leaving £40 to pay on the day in cash or up to the day before on card


LEVEL 4 – Pedicure and Bottled Gel – £45

Comes with 2 Baby Bell coloured gels included for free

Learn to work on toes to increase your income, start charging £20 for 20 min’s work!

Deposit to book just £25, leaving £20 to pay on the day in cash or up to the day before on card


LEVEL 5 – Dipping Powder – £125

Comes with 12 colours plus Base, Top and Activator worth £195

Course RRP £250 – SPECIAL PRICE JUST £125 (50% off RRP) saving £125 (OFFER ENDS END OF SEPT 2017)

You do not need a model to complete this course, you must arrive with naked prepped nails though.

Deposit to book just £65, leaving £60 to pay on the day in cash or up to the day before on card


KIDS CLASSES – For under 16’s – Aug (same dates as adult nail art) – 10am-3pm – An Intro to Nails


Book all 5 levels at the same time to receive an extra free kit of colours worth £130! Deposit to book all 5 levels just £225, leaving £310 to pay on the course dates (£535 total)

For 7 qualifications, 7 certificates and a kit worth £574


Or you can just book level 1 and see how you get on, it is totally up to you


To book level(s) 1, 2, 3, 4 , 5 or any combination your deposit needs to be paid up front over the phone or online, the balance can then be paid on the day in cash (as we can not guarantee wifi or 3g on the day to take card payments) Or up to the day before on card over the phone or online


You can make your deposit over the phone on 0121 2858 299 or on our website where you will find dates and details for all locations


If you have any questions please let us know. If not we look forward to welcoming you on to your first course with us and sharing in the excitement of all the wonderful new things to come in your future







The Jury’s Inn, Union Square Shopping Centre, Guild St

Aberdeen, AB11 5RG

Bus station right outside

Training station right outside

There is parking all round the hotel that is chargeable


L1 – 2nd September / 2nd November

L2 – 3rd September / 3rd November

L3 – 10th August

L4 – 10th August / 3rd September

L5 – 10th August(3.30pm-4.30pm) / 2nd September(5pm-6pm)   / 3rd September(3.30pm-4.30pm) / 3rd November(3.30pm-4.30pm)

KIDS CLASS – 10th August




Maldron Hotel Belfast Airport, BT29 4ZY

Bus 1 min’s walk away

Parking – Free for students


L1 – 13th September / 11th November

L2 – 14th September / 12th November

L3 – 18th August

L4 – 18th August (2.30pm start)

L5 – 18th August (2.30pm start) / 13th September (5pm-6pm) / 14th September (3pm-4pm) / 11th November (5pm-6pm) / 12th November (3pm-4pm)




Radisson Blu Hotel
12 Suffolk Street Queensway
B1 1BT

Bus 3 min away

Train 3 min walk away

Parking – New Street NCP



L1 – 28th September

L2 – 29th September

L3 – 25th August

L4 – 25th August (2.30pm start)

L5 – 25th August (3pm-4pm) / 28th September (5pm-6pm) / 29th September (3pm-4pm)

KIDS CLASS – 25th August




5 King Edward Terrace

Barrowford, Lancs, BB9 8NJ

Nelson station is about a mile away and a 20 min walk.

There is ample parking on surrounding streets and car parks at the end of the block too.

It is a small village but there is a fantastic butty shop next door if you don’t bring anything with you.


L1 – 24th July



Holiday Inn Express Edinburgh – Royal Mile

300 Cowgate

Edinburgh, EH1 1NA

8 Min’s walk from Waverley train station

25% off at NCP St Johns Hill – ask at hotel reception


L1 – 4th September / 4th November

L2 – 5th September / 5th November

L3 – 11th August

L4 – 11th August (2.30pm-3.30pm)

L5 – 11th August(2.30pm-3.30pm) / 4th September(5pm-6pm) / 5th September(3pm-4pm) / 4th November (5pm-6pm) / 5th November(3pm-4pm)

KIDS CLASS – 11th August



BEST WESTERN Palace Hotel & Spa

8 Ness Walk

Inverness, IV3 5NG

1 minute walk from bus and train stations

Free car park – this is valet parking, if there isn’t a space, stop in a safe place enter the building by the side door and give your keys to the spa team or will park safely for you.


L1 – 31st August / 31st October

L2 – 1st September / 1st November

L3 – 9th August

L4 – 1st September

L5 – 9th August(2.30-3.30pm) / 31st August (5pm-6pm)/ 1st September(3pm-4pm) / 31st October(5pm-6pm) / 1st November(3pm-4pm)

KIDS CLASS – 9th August




Hilton London Green Park

Half Moon Street



Green Park tube station



Premier Inn – The Old Barn

Secklow Gate W

Central Milton Keynes, MK9 3BZ

Less than a mile from the train station. Chargeable parking all around the training venue


L3 – 21st August

L4 – 21st August(3pm-4pm)

L5 – 21st August(3pm-4pm)

KIDS CLASS – 21st August



Copthorne Hotel Plymouth

Armada Way

Plymouth, PL1 1AR

5 min’s walk from train station

60 car parking spaces available on a first come first severed basis charged at £5 per day at reception


L1 –24th September

L2 –25th September

L4 – 25th September(3pm-4pm)

L5 – 24th September(5pm-6pm) / 25th September(4pm-5pm)



Mercure George Hotel Reading

10 – 12 King Street

Reading, RG1 2HE

Queens Rd car park 5 min’s walk, £6.50 get a new ticket at reception

5 min walk from the train station


L3 – 22nd August

L4 – 22nd August(3pm-4pm)

L5 – 22nd August(4pm-5pm)

KIDS CLASS – 22nd August



Golf Club, Sherborne Rd

Yeovil, BA21 5BW

Free parking

0.5 miles from Penmill station, a 10 min walk


L1 – 22nd September

L2 – 23rd September

L3 – 23rd August

L5 – 23rd August(3pm-4pm) / 22nd September(5pm-6pm) / 23rd September(3pm-4pm)




Dublin Airport

Co. Dublin


Hotel at the Airport on all public transport links

Car park chargeable please ask at reception for current prices


L1 – 9th September

L2 – 10th September

L4 – 10th September(3pm-4pm)

L5 – 9th September(5pm-6pm) 10th September(3pm-4pm)


All courses include,

Education – L1-10am–5pm, L2-10am-4pm, L3/Kids-10am-3pm, L4-4pm-5.30pm

Kits as detailed for each level

A certificate accredited with ABT per qualification, Manicure, Pedicure, Bottled Gel, Nail Art, Extensions and or Sculpture, some training days come with two certs some one cert, also detailed on each individual levels information.

Discounted insurance for the first year if the students wish

All products provided by us on a day lone basis, you do not need to bring anything with you, just lunch

Discounted products available to purchase on the day if the students wish, up to 50% off


KIDS CLASS – 10am-3pm – Polish and Art course – £45pp with a free kit worth £25 to take home, plus a certificate that looks just like our adult certificates (not accredited though)


The students will learn to paint with polish, the importance of a base coat, tricks to make the nails really neat, prep of the nails, working with glitter, gems, flicks, the removal and loads more. No models needed, we will be working on nail sticks that the students can then take home


Children under 12 must have an adult present all day, one adult can be present for multiple children. Children 12-15 can be dropped off and picked up at the times stated, they will not need an adult to be present for the full day but we will not be allowing them to leave the training venue at lunch or at the end of the day until collected by a pre stated adult. The pick up adult must be detailed by the drop off adult in the morning.


We advise all parents to provide a pack lunch so the students do not need to leave the training room at lunch. Lunch will be 45 min’s long and will be in the training room. We will provide water for all.


Full payment is required at the point of booking and is none refundable and none transferable due to limited numbers on the courses being held for the lovely little ones.